The Next Best Thing
The next best thing to an actual face-to-face discussion supplemented by actual drawings is a full online dynamic presentation with animated graphics and short one-liners. And, of course the next best thing to that would be actual demonstrations of the topic being discussed. So, if we can do both, does that make a third “next best thing”?

Via online discussions in real-time (visuals via your computer and voice via your phone) we try to communicate as effectively as possible. We strongly believe that the topics covered can be more effectively communicated by utilizing strong visuals whenever possible. You will therefore see our discussions supplemented with a lot of PowerPoint and Visio images and mind-maps.

Via the Web-based, remote access, support and online meeting technologies of Citrix, which display a copy of the presenter’s computer screen on all participants’ screen, we can also interject actual demonstrations of the processes which are really sample programs developed by our software people.

One More Service
 If you have any difficulties with Office 2007, SharePoint 2007 or SQL Server 2005, contact us and we can determine whether we can provide any assistance in these areas via the technologies just described.

In the meantime, enjoy the beauty of our world.

It took 4 billion years to create this beautiful scene. What can we do in our allotted life-span?