For some years now, we have focused our energies and insights on using the Microsoft Office tools and SQL Server services to provide a combination of solutions that meet your business needs.

With the introduction of the new Office 2007 suite, coupled with the new version of SharePoint 2007 together with SQL Server 2005, we now have a combination of fundamental and powerful services that enable us to develop business solutions that truly globalize your office activities and vastly reduce the need for time-consuming and expensive travel itineraries.

Prior to Office 2007
Office made its first appearance in 1989 on the Macintosh with a version for Windows following it in 1990. Ever since, Microsoft has released upgrades that have consistently evolved towards collaborative and globalized computing. While few of us were aware of the Internet providing connectivity to our work colleagues, most of us were content to share our documents via our 1.44 Meg floppies.

Although the first version of Office contained only three products(Word, Excel and PowerPoint), the number of these components gradually grew providing increased desktop functionality with data connectivity to a greater number of local data sources. Additionally, the object model of each product became more sophisticated which allowed software developers to customize solutions to greater levels of detail.

In 2001, a preliminary version of SharePoint was released. But the 2003 version started to show where the technology was really headed. It now opened the doors to greater information sharing capabilities straight out of the box.

Introduction of Office 2007
The latest version, Office 2007, takes a cosmic leap towards lowering the barriers to fast and easy connections to world-wide collaboration. You can now develop your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and illustrative diagrams without too much concern as to how you are going to share these with your team mates, managers, vendors and/or customers.

If you download Office 2007, you can now get 19 different components. These are essentially desktop (client) components, but all of them are aware of SharePoint Services which provides the ultimate (by today's standards) connectivity throughout the office, departments, divisions or entire corporate structure.

Office 2007 released in January of 2007, is a significant enhancement to the 2003 Office product suite. While it may take some time to fully understand these enhancements, the Office 2007 suite offers a full panoply of solutions.

Coupled with this increased desktop functionality is a companion SharePoint service that can help you:

  Primary emphasis on desktop functionality
  Increased emphasis on ease of information sharing

If you would like to see Microsoft's thoughts on SOA, just click here and download a PDF.