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Data Integration
Converting Data into Information
Data is everywhere but information is scarce.

Data resides in databases with proprietary connections, in e-mail in unstructured formats, in forgotten notes, in highly formatted documents, in instant messages, in legacy systems in huge quantities, in transaction archives, etc., etc.

Running a moderately sized business in to-day's competitive world, requires a tremendous amount of information. Which is difficult to get. But, most likely,
the data underlying the information is there. The problem: how do we get at the data and transform it into useful information?

Integration Services
Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 database is a required component of SharePoint. However, with the SQL Server comes a collections of services that help you manage vast reservoirs of data, no matter what the format. One specific service that is of interest here (data integration) is SSIS or SQL Server Integration Services. This service enables you to:

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