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"When provided with enough knowledge no decision remains. There is only what is to be done..."
Our Specialty
We, Collaborative Web Solutions, specialize in online remote collaboration and, particularly, the management of projects via remote collaboration-utilizing the Microsoft Office system and SharePoint platforms.

Project teams have special needs when they are engaged in project activities. In the old days, team members met each other at lunch or conducted bi-weekly face-to-face meetings to ensure that everything was going according to schedule.

Today, it is not uncommon for remote teams to conduct project activities with very rare, if any, face-to-face meetings.

Although our global economy has pushed the globalization of projects, geographically dispersed meetings are far too expensive.

However,  information technology has made the globalization of information far easier and more efficient.
Best Use of Computers
Computers let us do best what we are good at:
  • visionary planning
  • business trends
  • cultural nuances
  • contingency planning
  • handling emergencies
And computers do best what we do not do very well:
  • maintaining communications
  • keeping us all on schedule
  • providing semi-automated work flows
  • reminding us when tasks are slipping
  • provide all kinds of calculations with ease and rapidity
And computers are even making it easier for all team members to conduct social interactions.

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